Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Freckle Freak named Kit Kittredge

Kit should just go and sell herself on E-bay. That kid is driving me insane. You'd think an 8 year old would be more mature, but she acts like a 2 year old since she's the "baby of the family".

My best friend, Nellie-of-the-modern-world (Not to be confused with Nellie O'Malley. THAT Nellie still lives in 1904, poor kid. Nellie-of-the-modern-world is a girl from my karate class also named Nellie even though she isn't the same person. Her full name is Nellie Mallery, and she's my best friend of the modern world). ANYWAY, Nellie-of-the-modern-world and I were going to practice kar-a-te in my room when the Freckle Freak popped in, asking for money so she could get something from the ice cream truck. I asked her why she couldn't buy it herself, and she said she was broke. I ignored her. She got mad at this so I just told her I was empty on cash. Then she walked right up to my piggy bank, smashed it on the floor, and took some dollars and coins with her, screamed "YOU LIED TO ME!" and left. What a baby and creeper. I'm not worried, though. I can always sneak into her room and take even more cash. 
This is just today's complaint. One good thing about 1904 is that it didn't have Kit. She's worse than Eddie Ryland! Well, maybe not. Eddie Ryland is pretty terrible.
Anyway, Kit is evil. Kit spelled backwards is Tik. Tiks bite people; they are evil. 

So don't buy Kit this holiday season. Not for you, not for your mama, not for your daughter, not for anyone. You will sorely regret ever bringing this monster into your household. Samantha says NO to Kit.

On second thought, if you want to take this thing off my hands....if you think you can tame it...I'll sell her! Use the money to buy me a skateboard. If you want a monsterous Kit doll, a freckle freak, a babyish 8 year old, a stealer, a lier.....comment below. It'd be a HUGE favor to me.



  1. I'm sorry but what are you trying to accomplish here? First off, Kit is not her real name. Her full name is Margaret Mildred Kitterdege. Kit his her nickname. Second, Tik is not Tick which is what you are referring to. Third, you have not real reason why people shouldn't buy this doll. And really, "freckle freak"? Also, do you have something against people with blond hair, freckles, blue eyes, pale skin, or those who were children during the 1930's? Or is it the author? Seriously.

    1. Seriously,why are you two being so rude? Hallucinating? That makes no sense. You know its not true, and obviously she/he was trying to joke around. Why would she something against blond people and etc.? And by tik you can tell she/he means. Why would she/he need to accomplish from a blog? you should think about these questions. if you read the end you can see it says signed by Samantha. you two are being rediculous and are trying to judge. ridiculous. you know,anyone can go on this blog and see that you guys are being rude. have you ever thought what she/he might think about these comments? maybe this person doesn't want you to spread negativity on her blog. Maybe she/he had the best day of their life and you just ruined them by your comments. so stop being rude.

  2. I have a Kit (Margret) doll and i think she is one of the prettiest maturest and most easy to deal with (hair wise) of all the originals and make your own american girl dolls they have right now and plus a doll could never scream or smash a piggy bank. I agree with Kendall Szafnicki what are you trying to accomplish, insult an inanemate object woo hoo gold star, or are you just a weirdo who hollustanates that she's alive or some thing (not that theres much of a difference)

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