Thursday, June 21, 2012

And the title of Littlest Miss Playthings 2012 goes to...

Samantha Elizabeth Parkington!

Okay, I highly highly doubt I'll win the whole thing, for only a miracle in my human's bad photography skills could help me do so. But, when you don't have good photography skills, what do you aim for in a photo contest? Creativity! I have to think of all my picture ideas myself because the human is lazy. And so I presume to get votes by being creative.
The categories are:
Weather: I have a good idea for this, but I don't know if its creative enough to stand out.
Contrast: I can't tell you what I'm doing, but here's a hint: what is something that has majorly contrasted my life in the past few years?
Out of this World: I can't think of anything good. But, if you know me, I'll think of something.
Solo: I hope I don't die attempting my idea for this one.
Anything Goes: Hint: It has something to do with Eddie Ryland and my great distaste for him.

So, vote for me vote for me vote for me! Please?



  1. The best of luck to you in the contest! I know you'll do great! I especially look forward to the "anything goes" photo... XD

  2. Salut, Samantha!
    I just discovered your blog, and I love your personality! We'd get along well. ;)
    Bonne chance! I entered Little Miss Playthungs, too.