Gallery of Me!

This was me when I first arrived in modern day. This was in 2009!

 Me with a palm tree, at the beach two years ago.

 With a huge shark---don't worry, it's not real! To get inside this beach store you have to go through the shark's mouth.

 Another picture from the beach - "Beans, beans, good for your heart! Beans, beans, make ya fart. The more ya fat, the better ya feel! Let's eat beans at every meal!"

 Yet ANOTHER picture from the beach. Me and my sister Josefina are ready for the day.
 An awesome picture of the awesome me.

Telling my sisters a scary story. They are such scaredy cats!

 The human telling me something.
 Me, all prettied up. The human had to take this picture when she entered me in a photo contest. We epically failed and lost the contest.
 Another thing I'm good at - professional sand castle building.

Here I am dissecting an Indian Goop Worm in Science class. It was awesome.

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