All About Me!

Full Name: Samantha Elizabeth Parkington 
Age: 11
Favorite Color: Red, or the combination of Purple and Black
Favorite Food: Pop-rocks, Candy, Donuts...pretty much anything with sugar! 
Favorite Animal: Shark
Arch Nemisis: Eddie Ryland
Pets: Two mice named Pedro and Samson 
Personality: Crazy, Random, Tomboyish--but also Brave and Strong
In her own words:
"I am an AWESOME Pre-Mattel Samantha doll. I used to live in 1904 when I was little. But then Eddie Ryland tricked me into going through a magic portal to present day. At first, I hated it. But then I realized that the people in 2012 have it made! I can do so many cool stuff that I couldn't have done in 1904. I love it here! So, jokes on Ryland. But since the intention of his trick was negative, I'm always thinking up ways to return to 1904 and get back at him. He used to be just a pest, but now he is my arch nemesis. So you are always welcome to give me ideas.

I live with my sisters, who are also dolls. They come from all different time periods too. Turns out I'm not the only one who took a portal! We all belong to our human, Madeline. She is a good human but sometimes I wish she bought more stuff for us. We only get new stuff on occasion because it is apparently "so expensive".

Anyway my fans who followed my human's old blog all love me because I used to make guest posts that would make people laugh. I am really a hilarious person. It is a shame that my human doesn't make more photo stories about me. Oh well. At least now I have a blog and can make my own photo stories!

I love you all (as friends, I mean) so pleaseeee with a cherry on top click that "follow" button over there to the side. See it? See it? If you click it, you will get updates on when I post! And we all know that I'm awesome. So do it. Now!"

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  1. Haha- You make me smile, "Samantha, the Awesome."