Saturday, May 5, 2012


That's right! It's sombrero time! 'Cause today is.....Cinco De Mayo! That means 5th of May in Mexican.

Mayo is also short for mayonnaise, which is a very important condiment in today's society.

Josefina said she'd make us a real homemade Mexican dinner, but I was just as happy going to Qdoba, especially since I got a coupon to there from my friend Leah. She makes straight A's on her report card each quarter, which is rewarded with a coupon to Qdoba at my school. She hates Mexican food so she always gives me the coupon. In exchange I buy her an ice cream at lunch.

My human is really starting to freak me out. Today Kailey walked in my room and she was BALD. At first I assumed she was experiencing early-age balding. I asked Kailey WHAT THE BIEBER happened and she said that the Human scalped her with a spoon and nail polish remover. Apparently it's called re-wigging, and a new scalp of hair is going to come in the mail for Kailey to have. I just hope I'm not next. Kailey gets to pick out her own wig, but I'm not sure if its worth it as she said it hurts bad.
However, if I were rewigged, I'd totally pick a purple-and-black wig.

Another thing the Human is doing is selling a bunch of our old clothes and accessories and buying new ones straight from AG. She told us to write down what we wanted most. This was my list:

1. A Skateboard. How many times do I have to tell you, human?
2. Cool clothes. I really don't like wearing my ones from 1904!
3. A really cool AG doll with purple hair.
4. Two pet mice so I can call them Pedro and Samson
5. An Eddie Ryland dart board!

Do you think I will get them? I hope so!!!

Again, happy Cinco De Mayo. OLE!

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